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What We Believe Is What We Become

What We Believe Is What We Become

June 20, 2014

I want to post some of the insight that I have gained in relating to two kinds of people; the legalistic person and the sloppy grace person. Doctrine is important! In fact what we believe is crucial to our understanding of the nature and character of God, as well as His attributes. At the same time though, many people have gotten the wrong Idea about God. They look at Him and approach Him in a harsh legalistic way. The way that they view God, and the way that they believe that He views them, often gets reflected in the way that they relate to others. If we believe in a harsh cruel mean spirited God (not the God presented in the fulness of the Bible), then they will take this nature and character upon themselves, and model that behavior. By thinking that they speak for the harsh God that they have fashioned in their own image, they inadvertently become like the very thing they say that they hate. The harsh legalistic person does much damage to the kingdom of God. They needlessly hurt people and push them away from the loving God of the Bible. The build up walls between themselves, and the people that need to hear Gods real message of grace and truth that was manifested through Christ Jesus. At the other end of the spectrum are those that view God as a cosmic Santa that has no boundaries and requires nothing of them.This sloppy grace attitude will lead a person down the path of lasciviousness and eventually a seared conscience. This type of person will eventually end up in ruins and ruining the lives of those around them because they have no self control, or the other attributes of Christ in their lives. Here is a good way to tell if those who claims to speak for God are really His people and His mouth piece. Do they proclaim His words with grace and truth? If you have truth without grace you are a legalist. If you have grace without truth you are an apostate. Does the person that claims to be speaking for God model humility and Christlikeness, or do they seem happy that those around them are struggling? The legalistic person will always erect barriers to God. They will hold up and esteem their doctrinal points above loving God and Gods love for people.. They will take a scripture out of context from the Bible, and beat someone to death with it. All legalism does is to cause frustration on those that are under its spell. The sloppy grace person on the other hand, will believe that they can do whatever they want to without any consequences whatsoever, and they will always refuse correction. I want to close with good news though. There is hope for both of these types of people. That hope is found in Jesus! The legalistic person needs a healthy dose of reality. They cannot please God in the flesh. They need to allow their failures and desire to please God to allow them to receive His free grace. They need a healthy dose of the true love of God that will melt their cold hearts. (just like frosty the snowman would melt on a July day). The sloppy Grace person needs to spend time with God in His presence and find out what He requires. They will then learn that His requirements are not burdensome, and that the Holy Spirit will help us keep Gods commands through His love! This type of person needs to submit themselves to God, so that He can bring discipline and stability to their lives... God bless, Pastor Dexter