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The Divorce

Martin Luther confronted indulgence salesman Johann Tetzel, a Dominican friar, with his Ninety-Five Theses in 1517. Luther nailed these 95 thesis to the door of All Saints' Church in Wittenberg, Saxony, in the Holy Roman Empire.

As far as many of us are concerned, this served as a divorce decree. The Catholic Church was like a bad marriage and an abusive husband. It beat up on Gods people and many many portions of Gods Bride didn't survive her abuse. Luther had the courage to write the separation notice because he was grieved by the abuse. After the separation notice was issued, the former spouse went on a murderous rampage. Then the former spouse proceeded to call forth all manner of curses to no avail. The bride was progressively loosed from the bondage of religion. The bride, though not perfect , at least had the freedom exercise her free will and serve according to the dictates of her conscience. For several hundred years, she led the way through the enlightenment.

Society improved greatly. There were advances in science and medicine and every other endeavor. After the separation and divorce, the bride again became engaged to her true lover, Jesus Christ the righteous! He is a passionate fiancé with an intense love. He is jealous, but His jealousy is that of a gentleman, deferring to his lover the ability to choose to be with Him wholeheartedly and to receive a kingdom, or to part ways. It's her choice with consequences.

Now the former husband is still very bitter. As with any controlling reckless former spouse, he is now trying to woo his former wife back through smooth words. The face of this former spouse has changed over the years, and it has gradually softened it's stance. It has gone from "come back or else", to "come on baby, let's get back together!" He is trying to wine and dine and seduce her. The former spouse hasn't at all changed! Though he is smiling, he is filled with all bitterness and poison! Another problem is, she is already engaged to the Lover of her soul! And the biblical admonitions still ring true in the true brides spirit "come out from among her and be you separate! Says The Lord!" And "come out from among her my people lest you share in her wrath!". Portions of the bride are about to give into his seduction and return to her former lover.

Rome has beckoned and she is turning her ears toward the abusive former spouse. The "leadership" of the bride will be the first to fall under Rome's sway. Even now they are playing footsies with the pope. Many will follow after their pernicious ways, and reengage the former lover. He hasn't in any way changed, and they will have to forsake the precious Jesus and trample on the blood to do it, but their hearts have already turned away from Him anyway.

Others like me though, we will continue to love people. We will stay true to Jesus, even against the rising tide of political correctness and unpopularity. The world won't understand our reluctance to reunite with the former alcoholic abusive spouse, but that's ok, we have long memories of the former abuse and we are wise enough not to turn our backs on Jesus and return to that hard life of bondage and abuse! Plus, OUR HEARTS ARE SPOKEN FOR!!!