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The power of preaching in our everyday lives

I would like to generically address those that have leveled charges against the gospel, and not me personally. I personally do not have an agenda, other than the truth. Doctrine is important, as a matter of fact doctrine is of the utmost importance, so much so that the devil has been attempting to corrupt pure unadulterated sound doctrine for thousands of years. The truth is simple and beautiful. It sparkles radiantly in the sunshine. It really needs no defense, for those that challenge it always end up looking silly, and those that love it will never deviate from it. It permeates every aspect of the minds and hearts of those who love it. "What is truth!", Thundered the Roman procurator! The truth is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The same Jesus that said "suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not!", would never complicate His plan of salvation to the point that those same children could not get to him. Yet, there are still those "Judaizers" of old that persist that they alone hold the key to the door of heaven. They rant and rave and accuse Gods true people of not having the secret password, as if heaven were some kind of clubhouse with a "no girls" allowed sign at the door. Their hearts are full of wickedness that spews forth into their theology. They display no fruits of the Spirit, and a warped ideology that flows forth from a mentality that says that they are the elitist, and they alone are the sole possessor of the truth... But yet the little children continue to flow to Jesus and gather around Him and sit upon His lap. The enemy roars at them, and He is perplexed by the children's refusal to leave their close proximity to their beloved. The devil will never understand their love for their savior, nor will his offspring. He will just continue to rant and rave and spew forth venom. Little do they know that their devil laced tirades only seek to push us further into the arms of our beloved! Whenever we refuse to give in to their doctrines of devils, they scream all the louder "crucify them!" I'm just a simple little country preacher with a fancy title attached to my name "Bishop" which is really just a fancy little term in old English for "simple little country preacher." I dont pretend to have all of the answers, and I am sure that there are many more people that are more adept at theological sparring and name calling. I am comforted by the fact that My Lord Jesus wasn't that great at name calling either, and as He was speaking to me last night, He said to always hold my peace and measure my words, because it would model grace to my enemies and drive them crazy! My Lord proved this to be a fact, as did others in scripture like brother Stephen, who just looked steadfastly into heaven while under duress, and said. "I see Jesus standing at the right have of the Father." He kept His eyes upon The Lord, and even in the face of His enemies, he simply longed to climb into the lap of His savior. As for me, I want to keep it simple just as the Apostle Paul did when He said " I know nothing except Jesus Christ and Him crucified" and that everything else is just dung compared to the excellence of His glory! So I will "arrogantly" bow out and allow those that profess to know God with their lips (but in their words and cold hearts they deny Him) to continue to spar and debate over definitions and terminology. I am just going to stand around my savior Jesus, and entrust my soul with Him. I can do nothing apart from Him, all of our righteousness is as filthy rags. I will continue to abide in Him, and to climb into His lap, I can do no other. The more worldly knowledge that I would confess, the larger the wedge I would drive between Him and I. " Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." Why did they become fools? It was because they tried to reason "the foolishness of God" out for themselves apart from Him! "You see your calling, how not many wise are called according to the flesh" and "Unless you come unto me as a little child, you shall in no way get into the kingdom!" I got saved as an ignorant teenager who knew nothing of God other than my life was a mess and that I desperately needed a savior. I will get to heaven by Christ righteousness, because I am still an ignorant little country preacher with a big fancy title like "bishop"